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About Chil

Founded by Hilda Çil and Şenay Çil in 2012. With 15 years of industry experience, Chil has operated worldwide with our own brand of rapid tests in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. Among our wide range of products are Infectious Diseases, Pregnancy, Tumor, Heart Diseases, Urine Strip, and Drug Tests.

The reason why Chil displayed a rising chart in a short time; all our employees love their job, never compromise on quality when it comes to products and services, and our warm relationships with our customers. Thanks to the experience we have gained in national and international legislation, we have managed to obtain all approvals from relevant Authorized Bodies in a short time and provided high-quality products and services to our customers by acting in compliance with the legislation at all stages.

CHIL Medical Supplies Ltd continues to grow rapidly by incorporating its R&D department in 2020. It aims to reach the correct diagnosis and treatment with R&D studies and aims to establish a pioneering system in diagnosis by closely following the literature and the latest technology.

We make new contacts by producing high-quality products with our innovative approach and take 0place in the annual Dusseldorf Medica and Dubai Medlab fairs. As of 2020, we provide services to over 100 countries, 
taking safe and reliable steps to strengthen our place in the global market.





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